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Swanland Village School Report

Introduction: SVS School Report from Chryspin

Swanland Village School: The School that Defines Academic Competition


The Kenyan education system provides that primary education covers five subjects,


namely: English, Kiswahili, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics. All these subjects


are examinable and graded at 100% as such the total marks one can score is 500. The


average marks are 250 and below this, a pupil is considered as not worked hard enough.


Several months ago, SVS was laid on a very firm and focused foundation of academic


excellence, acceptable social behaviour and mentorship of change agents for this generation and the generation to come.



The SVS children who hail from Ngando slum, have come to cultivate in them the idea that where they come from is just a stepping stone and the challenges the harsh slum realities pose to them, are just put opportunities and building blocks for a better future and so is the school motto: The Future is here. Our SVS children together with the teachers have composed a very inspiring school anthem whose refrain (chorus) is; the Future is here. They are now walking the talk.



Today, I took time to analyze their examination results from last terms performance and this second term’s opener exams. It’s amazing. For along time, Sheryl Achieng was topping her class even when she was sick, today Yvone Naraka is tops with 369 marks out of the possible 500. On the other side of this pioneer class (class five) which will sit for the national Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in three years time, is


Frederick Omosula. Last term, Frederick scored 262 marks in the midterm exam, and by end of the term he had scored 340, this past week’s opener exams, he has scored 372.


What an amazing graph of improvement!



We go back to class four. The competition is too stiff. A quick look at the marks book and I see Purity Idendwa who started first term with 340 marks and as of this term, she opened it with 391. The most notable pupil is Jonathan Mutia who started with 331 last term and now has scored 408. Those who have scored 250 below are just countable in the whole school and the teachers have offered to take extra time with them to guide them catch up; it’s called precision teaching.



In all these competitions, we do not set our own examinations, we buy from different


registered and recognized examiners, we don’t allow the class/subject teacher to invigilate and mark his/her pupils exams, we interchange the invigilation and marking to ensure that no biasness takes place. This has become a best practice within Ngando Complementary schools.



SVS is a pacesetter and the admission inquires keep coming even from the most able parents. But our policy is to respond to the cry of the most needy and vulnerable, to give


them an opportunity to pursue quality education for a better future.



Finally, this great competition does not just happen. It’s teamwork by the teachers, most parents/guardians and the management of the school. Above all, the Swanland Education Africa Trust (SEAT) and all the wellwishers who support through SEAT both financially and in-kind including prayers to our Almighty God. The good performance is also a combination of the feeding program, encouraging learning environment, available stationery, neatness and school uniforms, dedicated staff and extra curricular





For sure, SVS is rapidly becoming not only an academic excellence centre but a transformation centre to the children, their parents/guardians and the Ngando community at large. Its inspiring to spend precious time with these kids every day, watching how they get better at every step.



Chryspin Afifu




Swanland Village School (SVS)

Office posted the article on Saturday, 14th June 2014 at 1:30pm

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