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Spring 2020 Newsletter

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Swanland School Update

Swanland School looks very pleasant, with nearby greenery and an avocado tree in the courtyard. True, it is a marked improvement on the previous site which regularly flooded during heavy rains. However, the school sits within the Ngando slum a few miles from the centre of Nairobi. The living conditions for the children in this neighbourhood are very basic and their family situations are extremely challenging. The struggle of COVID-19 is very similar to our own, with the school closed and the community asked to socially isolate. That of course is a real difficulty for them. Still the staff continue to prepare work books for the children to do at home where possible to keep the curriculum going. Our support to them through your donations is more important now than ever. They are a very resilient team and knowing we stand with them in support of these children gives them great hope and confidence for the future.   

If you are able to donate it would make a huge difference.   


Esther’s School Update

The school (of over 500 children!) is now split over two sites to allow more space for the older students at the main school. The new pre-school building is a few minutes away and provides a smaller, safer environment for the youngest children. The next improvement is to provide a kitchen at the pre-school to avoid them having to transport the cooked food between the sites in the back of a car, this will cost around £10k. Following a recent government inspection we were able to help them construct additional toilets to meet regulations.

We are impressed by the quality of all that Esther and her husband Daniel turn their hand to and it’s a pleasure to support them. The school itself has gained an excellent reputation and their KCPE results were some of the highest in the region. The community relies hugely on Esther and her team, for care, food and medical support, never more so than in these difficult times of responding to the Coronavirus impact.


KCPE Exam Candidates

Between the two schools, a total of 37 students in Class 8 sat these national exams. They performed fantastically well and all qualified for High School places. Many of our supporters contribute to our bursary fund which enables the students to make that important next step. The money in this fund provides all the initial provisions they need. This is the final chapter in our support for these students, many of whom we have been supporting from a very young age.

We know from experience that the gift of care and education can give them a new hope in life. It’s encouraging to see another year’s cohort stepping out to make the most of their opportunity – many of whom would have had very little opportunity if it were not for your support. On behalf of them all I’d like to express a big Thank you!

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