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We have established a charity - Swanland Education Africa Trust (SEAT) to inspire and motivate local residents, businesses and friends to personally get involved and give regularly to support this schools.

Richard Swain (Chair of Trustees)
Shirley Waters
John Waters








We hold a shared passion, with those who lead and teach in these schools, to demonstrate care to children and young people living in the poverty.  Words cannot begin to describe the poverty and conditions these children face on a daily basis, or indeed their ability to survive with grace and dignity. It is this need and their tenacity that has continued to inspire and motivate us to raise money to support the school.

As a charity, all our work is committed to our three core values:

Our mission: “To generate regular monthly and ongoing support from communities in the UK so that we can make a difference to the lives of these children and young people.”

Care • Educate • Hope

 Money raised on behalf of these projects will provide:  

  • Wages for local Kenyan teachers and the resources they need to teach
  • Provide food for children and staff at the schools
  • Assist in the upkeep of the buildings and the supply of water and electricity
  • Provide equipment, uniforms and other essential education supplies for the schools
  • Help the schools develop and expand their education programmes to other areas  

Swanland Education Africa Trust is a UK Registered Charity, No.1140208.